Hangzhou Paramount Product Corporation is a young and energetic team, specializing in the import and export of dyes, dye intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials and fine chemical products. Since the establishment of the company in 2013, the company has adhered to the marketing concept of “winning customers with quality, serving customers with integrity, and rewarding customers with value”. It has been constantly recognized and supported by new and old customers at home and abroad. The business growth rate of the company has maintained at more than 20% per year, and has been widely recognized in the industry. On the way forward, we will never relax. We warmly welcome those who have dreams and can work hard to join us and make our common cause better and stronger!

We adhere to the management concept of “honesty and trustworthiness, people-oriented, common growth and common sharing”. We deeply understand that employees are the most precious wealth of the company. Any wealth of the company comes from the joint efforts of all employees of the company. We advocate people-oriented humanized management and are willing to share the company’s achievements with talents. We believe that every employee has the opportunity to become a shareholder and partner of the company.

We adhere to the value system of “integrity, dedication, hard work, innovation, optimism, cooperation, altruism and self-examination” and run through all activities of the company. We also implement these value systems into life and life. We are committed to let our employees constantly improve their self-cultivation and spiritual realm, and find a pure land of the soul. “The material and spiritual well-being of all employees” is an important mission and goal of our enterprise. We open our arms and warmly embrace any talents who are interested in the import and export of chemical products. We firmly believe that our cause is a cause worthy of your lifelong struggle! We firmly believe that our company is a dream home worthy of your lifelong struggle!